Duane would like to thank all of his clients for their kind words, dedication and support of his Program.

Our son Cooper had a real fear of the water from an early age. This fear carried on for several years trying a couple of Swim Schools in our area. Duane’s Mobile Swimming Lessons was my last hope. After only four weeks, I could see a remarkable improvement with our son. Duane has a special and beautiful manner with children. He is kind, patient and very passionate about his profession. Cooper recently competed in the fastest heat in all of his strokes at the school swimming carnival. Thank you for your full support and patience with Cooper.   
Mrs Elizabeth Williams

As a lady well over 60 years of age with a recent medical history of metastatic cancer and post chemotherapy peripheral neuropathy, I must admit it was with some trepidation that I contacted Duane to ask if he could teach me how to swim freestyle, a goal I had set myself. However, from my initial phone contact, Duane could not have been more professional and encouraging. Duane’s technical and teaching skills and his patience and understanding have not only made my weekly lessons enjoyable but I am now well on my way to becoming a freestyle swimmer.

Thank you Duane for making my goal a possible reality. I sincerely appreciate your professional coaching conducted in a caring and patient environment.
Rosemary Yates

Thanks Duane for teaching our two children, Lachlan and Haley. They have improved out of sight. I regularly get other mothers from school commenting on my children’s technique. The first thing they ask is “where do they go to have swimming lessons?”I have great pleasure in telling them I don’t go anywhere, he comes to us. Thank you once again for your kind and caring nature you displayed towards Lachlan and Haley.
Mrs S O’Rourke

Our youngest daughter went through various stages of no fear and extreme fear of the water as she grew up. Being the youngest of 3 she was eventually left on the step while the others played in the pool. We tried to get her into the water ourselves and took her to swimming lessons which ended up in tears and screams and each time the instructor would say "she'll get used to it". I found Makin' Waves and thought it made sense - she would be in her own environment (home pool) and she would have private, individualised lessons. Duane instantly clicked with all 3 of our girls and tailored each lesson to their skill levels. After just 4 lessons, Hebe can now swim across the pool, face in the water!

Just goes to show what can be achieved when you have the right teacher!

Thanks Duane, you're amazing! Cheers.
Danielle & Ben Causer

I love watching my children participating in Duane’s lessons. My wife and I are planning to enrol in his Adult class. 
Mr. P McLean

My children’s face light up when they know Duane’s coming over for swimming lessons. I found Duane to be very punctual, courteous and reliable. I love the fact that he comes to us. We didn’t have to travel to and from the Swim School adding an extra 30 mins on top of our lesson. Whilst the children were having lessons in the pool, I was upstairs preparing dinner. If only I had done this earlier. Thanks again.  
Janelle Sinclair

Our daughter, Alicia wasn’t coping with the large class sizes at another swim school in Brisbane.  The majority of the time there were up to six children per instructor. We were lucky enough to hear about Duane’s Mobile Swimming Lessons through word of mouth. Alicia now has her lessons at home with two of her friends from school. She thoroughly enjoys Duane’s lessons. Her stroke and confidence has improved. During the holidays she spends most of time in the pool or at the beach. I can’t imagine stopping her lessons anytime soon. We appreciate all the hard work you have given our daughter.
P & N Kelly

My sons, Tommy (aged 11) and Sammy (aged 9) have been enjoying running training with Duane Cannell for three years.

I originally enrolled the boys with Duane as they loved sprints and cross country at school.  Duane has helped them with their technique and focus.  Their fitness levels have increased, they have more energy and they are now running faster, constantly achieving PB’s. Duane makes the running lesson fun for the group and yet he is extremely professional.  He makes a point of getting to know each child well and can easily spot their strengths and weaknesses.

I would happily recommend Duane to any parent who wants their child to achieve the best they possibly can at running while enjoying themselves.
Sonya Stephens

We wanted to let you know how grateful we are for your amazing contribution to Max’s swimming skills. He had previously attended 2 different swim schools where very little progress had been made over a 3 year period.  Max struggled with motivation towards swimming and did not enjoy attending classes.

Since he began swimming lessons with you last year, Max has shown incredible improvement after just 8 sessions.  He has gained such confidence in the water and in his abilities.  He now looks forward to each swimming lesson with excitement and joy, and he is motivated to expand his skills.  Max has found a great role model in you.  Thank you for all that you have done for him.
Nat & Phil Pfeifer